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Care Connection is a free teleconference for caregivers, healthcare professionals and loved ones of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses. Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, it is held the second Thursday of each month at 1 p.m. (Eastern Time). For a schedule of upcoming broadcasts, click here.  To listen to previously recorded teleconferences through June 2010, in which Dr. Jamie served as host and facilitator, please click on any topic below.

Meaningful Engagement
Avoiding Hospitalization
Redirection Techniques
Home Alone, Learning to Live As One
The Light Touch Approach
I Just Had to Laugh
Preparing for the Journey Ahead
Top 10 Dementia FAQs
Friends, Caregiving and Health
Eight Lessons Learned as a Family Caregiver
Be Proactive: Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Brain
When Home is No Longer Enough
The Pleasure of Learning as a Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
The Importance of Caregivers' Vacations
Food for Thought: Healthy Eating for a Healthy Brain
A Stranger in the House: Hiring Home Help
Making the Decision to Stop Driving
The Crisis Call: What You Can and Should Do
Caregivers as Enablers, Not Disablers
Long Distance Caregiving
Overcoming Challenges of Intimacy
Please understand Me: Understanding Alzheimer's Disease
ADL Challenges, Deb Carniveau
Helping People Find Purpose After Alzheimer's Disease, Part 1
Helping People Find Purpose After Alzheimer's Disease, Part 2
Dealing With Challenging Behaviors
Nighttime Activity - Caregiver Coping
Advance Directives 1
Advance Directives 2
Why Do I Feel Bad?
Training Professionals and Caregivers in Dementia Care
Communication: Talking and Listening to Each Other
Meet Rosemary Hudgins, Executive Director,
Alzheimer's Foundation of the South
Medications for Alzheimer's Disease
Walking the Journey; Meeting Them Where They Are -
Creating Successful Trips
Taking Care of Yourself as a Caregiver
A Caregiver's Journey
Walking the Journey: Meeting them where they are
Dementia and Relationships
Legal Issues
Open Discussion with Dr. Jamie and Isabel
Alzheimer's Disease: Help and Hope
Music in the Home
Family Dynamics
Therapeutic Caregiving: The Art of Cueing
Hospitals: How to Use Them and What to Expect
Alzheimer's Poetry Project
Carol Abaya - The Sandwich Generation II
Dr. Barbara Friesner - The Sandwich Generation I
Huntington's Disease
Engaging and Supporting Teens
Hospice 101
Driving and Dementia
Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month
The Fearless Caregiver
The Role of the Brain in Dementia
Caregiving as a Journey of Transformation
Medicare Benefits
How to Respond When a Loved One Wanders
Letting Go
Emergency Preparedness
Taking Time for Me
Elder Rage
If Time Stood Still
Safeproofing your House
Nothing Left to Give

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