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Care Connection is the free national telephone support network for caregivers of Alzheimer's Disease and related illnesses hosted by Dr. Jamie Rotnofsky.  We will continue to feature great guest speakers and coaching with the addition of dementia-specific topics and a new support network Caring for your Loved One.

Care Connections is broadcast every week live on Thursday at 9 pm Eastern Time, except for when there is a fifth Thursday in the month, at which time we play a tape recording of one of our guest speakers.

If you would like to receive a weekly email reminder that will also inform you of the guest speaker and topic, please contact the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) and ask to be placed on the Care Connection e-mail notification list.  Call  AFA @ (866) 232-8484 or send email to


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You may also hear pre-recorded Teleconferences on Dr Jamie Rotnofsky's web site @ click on Self Care Radio.   For Further Information or questions you may visit or call the  AFA @ 866-AFA-8484.


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Free Nationwide:
(877) 232-2992

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Care Connection is a strategic Alliance between Ask Dr Jamie, professional Coaching and Psychological Services and The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA).  Care Connection is sponsored by Fascomm Teleconferencing Services and Verizon.

If you are calling on Thursday @ 9 PM Eastern Time to join our weekly live telephone support network, dial 1-877-232-2992  and then enter Code #271004 and the # (number) sign. 

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